Craig Fry - SSA Executive Director

It’s time to start teaching the schools.

As George Arrants explained at the 2017 SSA convention, schools at every level from high school to college need our help. They want to train your future employees. They want to give them the skills you expect them to have. The problem is, they don’t know what your needs are. It’s time for you to tell them.

That’s why  SSA Director, Craig Fry, has put together the SSA COACH program. As he explained and our recent convention in Albuquerque, it’s an action plan for us to help develop future talent for our industry. It’s a way for you to find the technicians you’ll need to hire tomorrow. It’s also a way for you to promote your business in the local community. And not incidentally, it’s a way to increase the value of SSA.

To get involved, all you must do is contact a local high school, community college, four-year college, or trade school and tell them you want to join their advisory committee.

Getting involved with the advisory committee doesn’t have to take up much time on your part. Mostly they just want to know what you expect from a future employee. They also want to hear what the career opportunities are at your place of business. This requires no more than a few hours of your time each year. But the rewards for your business can be huge.

If all you do is sit in on a couple of advisory committee meetings each year, you’ve already made a much-appreciated contribution to the school, one which will help them to improve their educational offering and likely benefit your business when those students enter the job market.

We’ll write a positive article about your activity and post it on the SSA website ( We’ll include a link to your company website which will help to optimize your search engine placement. You’ll be able to add that story to your own website, send it to the local news media and proudly display our “COACH” logo on your website and in your shop. Those activities can enhance your name and reputation in the local community. Not bad for a few hours of your time this year.

But that’s only the beginning.

If you want to do more, and benefit more, you take on any of the following roles.

1. Help the school to perform a self-evaluation program.

2. Encourage the school to become NATEF accredited.

3. Develop a jog-shadowing program for the students.

4. Come to the class and lecture the students.

5. Send one of your technicians to the class to lecture the students.

6. Develop a student mentoring program.

7. Speak to parents’ groups.

Schools who get involved will find that government funds and scholarships suddenly open to them. It’s a win-win for everyone. So, pick up the phone and call a school. Then contact us to let us know how it’s going and we’ll start promoting your efforts.

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Craig Fry - SSA Executive Director
Craig Fry - SSA Executive Director
Craig Fry - SSA Executive Director